Saturday, July 14, 2012


We have been jet setters over the past few weeks, we were home from Tahoe for 2 days and then flying off again to spend some time with Byron's family in Pennsylvania.  We had a nice time driving multiple "kucks", swimming and relaxing.  After living in Colorado for 6 years now, I have become quite the sissy to humidity, so although we had a wonderful time, we are happy to be home. 

Here is what Elliot has been up to:
-he has discovered his tongue and he is always sticking it
-so close to taking his first steps, he is just so timid and instead squats down really slowly and takes off crawling
-tells me in his monitor, "Mama bathroom" when he poops his pants, hahah
-obsessed with riding lawn mowers
-survived his first and second bee stings
-he tells us when things are hot, cold, broken, ewww
-he so lovingly says "bye bye" when he is reading to move on
-says "come on"
-calls every dog "Filson" or "Ruff"

Enjoying fudgesicles with cousin Rin


Elliot and Meow

One of the thousand tractor rides around the yard

Grandpa's turn to take him around

Shaking his booty

Fun with mom

Touching the butterfly

Byron literally "raising the roof"

Bath time fun

Elliot kept saying "fixin"

Pool time

Photo with Uncle Dave in his Carn's t-shirt

About to cook Frosty

"touching noses"

Getting into trouble at Grandma's office

Future Jim Updike

The other truck we got to take a million rides in around the yard

Playing with Rin

What Elliot does best, hold his blankie and suck his thumb

Pool time with all the kids (Elliot couldn't wait to put his suit on so Byron jumped in with him fully clothed)

Tickles from Uncle Cott

Brotherly love

Kisses for Aunt Nisse

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