Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy One Year Shuntaversary Elliot!

Last July 18th we were at Children's with Elliot for a shunt revision...

This July 18th we are having a playdate, spending time at home and playing in the pool...

I prefer the later.

Since Elliot's shunt was replaced last July, it has been doing a beautiful job for little man.  His December surgery, threatened his shunt, but the shunt prevailed and is still kicking.  Right now in this love-hate relationship with Elliot's shunt, we are in love.

In honor of Elliot's One Year Shuntaversary we are once again raising money for the Hydrocephalus Association and walking for Elliot in the Denver HydroWALK this September.  Although we are starting our fundraising efforts late in the game, I know we can do it!  Thank you for supporting further research for Hydrocephalus and our little Elliot's future!

Elliot's Donation Page

Elliot says, "Thanks for you support everyone, love you."

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