Monday, August 26, 2013

Summer in Review

This post is a photo expolsion and I tried very VERY hard to trim it down but we had SUCH a busy summer and did so many things and saw so many people that it was impossible.  Byron and I decided to pack up the family and drive across the country to first Pennsylvania and then to Cincinnati to visit our families for the entire month of July.  It was a crazy busy month but so much fun for everyone.  In a nutshell and I'm sure I'm forgetting things, we went to the Dirt track races, Kings Island, Red's game, rode motorcyles, tricyles, 4-wheelers and tractors, installed central air, fell through the ceiling, replaced hardwood floors (obviously some of these things only pertain to one of our family members), played in sprinklers, fed ducks, went canoeing, picked blueberries, zoo, museums, ate ribs, played with cousins, newphews, neices, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great grandparents, and many many friends.

Once we returned, we then had my brother Chris and his whole fam join us in Colorado where the fun continued.  We explored Horsetooth, had Cameron baptized and just enjoyed seeing Elliot and Max together...

Then, this weekend we joined many Hydrocephalus families in Denver for the 10th Annual Hydrocephalus WALK, where we Walked for Elliot to find a cure for Hydrocephalus.  Elliot also had his yearly MRI this week and his shunt and brain are looking fantastic!

Now Byron and I are back to work full time and the boys are adjusting to our back to school life.  We are continuing to learn how to raise 2 boys, but enjoying every minute of it (alright I know who are we kidding, some minutes we don't enjoy at all...)  Enjoy our crazy summer...
First stop on the road trip-Des Moines, Iowa

Got to visit and stay the night with Danielle and Ryan!
How we preferred Elliot in the car
How we preferred Cameron in the car

How Filson preferred to ride
What Cameron REALLY did about 80% of the drive
Got to visit and stay the night with Lauren and her whole family!
Made it to Pennsylvania and the first thing Filson did was go swimming with his girlfriend

I always wanted a girl...haha

Elliot playing with his cousins

Cam the Ham

Cameron and PawPaw Tom time

Elliot feeding the ducks

Alise took our family photo!

Cameron is so sweet, butterflies even land on him...

We got lots of visits in with Gram

Aunt Annisse and Corinne getting some lovin' in

Elliots summer was spent naked...

Tractor time

Visits from Ray, Laura and Chance

Baby lovin'

Elliot's favorite moment in his life...riding a motorcycle with Daddy!

Mommy and Daddy snuck away and went 4-wheeling
Elliot was glad to have us back but didn't want to hug our muddy bodies

At the races with PawPaw

Elliot couldn't take his eyes off the track

Trying out a Tri-Wheeler with Craig and fam

Grandma Sue and PawPaw Tom and the hooligan grandkids

Kisses for Gram

Elliot and the famous "dog" at Grams house

The real Mr. Potato Head

Cameron and Kris right before he pooped all over her...can't take my kids anywhere

Elliot and his new best friends Nolan and Renee

Uncle Scott, Aunt Annisse and Rin

Made it to Cincinnati just in time to visit Kara!!!

Uncle Ehmil making sure we don't catch him in a mushy moment with Cameron

Elliot got to visit a Firetruck

Celebrating his shuntaversary at Graeter's Ice Cream

Daddy's look alike

PawPaw Jim at work with the grandboys

Auntie Kendall!

Grandma Sally and the boys

Matching Jammies

At the Cincinnati Red's Game!

PawPaw Jim in his glory
Byron replacing the wood floors
Elliot on his first Roller Coaster at King's Island

Only our child rides the "stationary" item on the carousel

Elliot and Linus traded blankies...


Elliot convinced Daddy and PawPaw to get soaking wet at King's Island, haha

Visits with GG

Kisses for GG

Back home in Colorado for a few hours and Elliot fell and got his first fat lip

Cam trying out the Bumbo

Byron brought Montgomery Ribs back to Colorado for Chris

If you can't share just join Dayle in the car

Cousin Max arrived!

Sibling love

Daddy's and their boys

Grandma Sally and the goofy lookin' boys

Trying out Horsetooth beach

Cameron enjoying the beach his way

Elliot going to town on some fried chicken

Chris, Marissa and Baby Girl!

Uncle Chris, Max and Cam Jammy time

Cameron's baptism (at least all the adults look good in the picture...)

The fam at the baptism

Celebrating the baptism at Vern's!

Pretty much sums up how Elliot and Max feel about each other

Cameron's first shots

Cameron is 3 months old and in the 85th% for weight and over the 99th% for height

Byron going on his maiden voyage with Elliot

Farmer Cam

Mr. Animated

Elliot collecting goodies at the Hydrocephalus WALK

Elliot checking out his poster at the WALK

Family photo at the WALK

All those with Hydrocephalus at the WALK

Photo bomb by Auntie Blair, hahah

Let the WALK begin!