Friday, May 24, 2013

Our new Family of 5 (Can't forget Filson)

Holy Cow, we now have 2 boys!

Bright and early Friday morning as Byron and I drove to University Hospital in complete silence, panic started to set in.  Although there was no turning back 9 months ago, NOW there was really no turning back.  We checked into Triage and there was no messing around, within 10 minutes I was hooked up to montiors, multiple IV pokes and fashionable hospital gowns we were ready to meet this little guy.  Everything went as planned, after I was all prepped, Byron joined me in the OR where all the doctors and nurses put bets in on how big our new bundle of joy would be.  Nerves kicked in with the help of the spinal my poor arms couldn't stop shaking I just wanted to meet out little guy and have my fears calmed that all would be well.  Then at 7:57am Cameron Marshall Straw joined the world with a head full of hair.  He weighed in at 8lbs 8oz. and he was 20 3/4 inches long.  Apgars were 8 and 9 and his cries were music to my ears.  After getting cleaned up I got a little snuggle time and then off he went with Byron to the recovery room where I joined them after getting all stitched up.

This delivery was amazing, everything went as planned and I got to snuggle little Cameron right away in the recovery room.  After not being able to hold Elliot for quite some time I did not take this for granted and snuggled Cameron for a long time in that room. After a few hours, my mom and sisters brought Elliot down to meet his new brother.  It went remarkably well, Elliot immediately asked "where's Cameron?".  He hugged him and kissed him and then needed a little loving from mom and dad. Cameron also gave Elliot a new Truck and that won him over (we are not against buying our children's love for each other).

I ended up just staying in the hospital for 2 nights and going home on Sunday.  I just really wanted to go home and take care of my little boy there and not be woken up every 2 hours for a vitals check, so as soon as I had my legs back and proved that I could walk down the hall without falling over, off we went.  Home sweet home.  Elliot was very excited to have everyone home and we all had to immediately play with cars.  My mom had been in town watching Elliot while we were in Denver and it was wonderful to know that everything at home and with Elliot was taken care of while we were gone.

Since being home, lets see Cameron has slept, slept and slept some more.  He is so far a very mellow little guy who is a good eater and opens his eyes more and more everyday.  He is a little snuggler and he lets Mommy sleep for small chunks throughout the night.   Elliot so far still loves his little brother and showers him with hugs (although sometimes smoothering).  The hardest part about being home is not being able to pick up Elliot so between Byron, my mom and now my mother in law they are having to do all the heavy lifting while I kick my heels up and recover. Its been great having all the extra help and I'm not sure what we are going to do once everyone leaves and reality kicks in. 

Today Cameron is 1 week old and already time feels like it is flying.  He had his first doctors appointment and he has already exceeded his birth weight by 2 ozs. and he is in the 75th%ile for weight, 90th%ile for height and his head is in the 50th%ile.  He is JUST like Elliot, minus the head being in the 50th%ile, Elliot's noggin' has always been off the charts.  The first appointment was pretty uneventful and it feels so funny to Byron and I that we don't have to go back for 2 months.  Elliot's first 2 months were filled with appointments and weekly we were down at Children's.  We are thanking God for cutting us some slack and letting us have an uneventful experience with Cameron.  We are just enjoying our time at home with our boys and hoping that both of them don't grow up too fast.

Just having a little fun before the big moment

Our last photo before becoming parents of 2
First photo with Cameron


Our hospital experience with Cameron has been eons different than with Elliot, it was so nice to be able to scoop Cameron up whenever we wanted and not having to deal with wires and tubes.  

Elliot was so excited to meet Cameron

And he was even more excited that Cameron brought him a present
Checking out Cameron with Daddy

Auntie Kendall meeting Cameron

Elliot had lots of kisses to give his little brother

Elliot wanted to wear Cameron's newborn hat...

Having a little Mommy time

Auntie Blair meeting Cameron
Grandma Sally meeting Cameron
Afternoon snuggles with Daddy

Sweet brotherly moment

My 3 boys

Babies in a basket
Eyes open finally
First Bath

Sweet Cameron

Mommy time

Elliot loves holding Cameron and checking out all his tiny features

Mommy and her boys

Elliot even is sharing "blankie" with his brother (but only for a few seconds)

Tummy time

2 years 3 months & 1 week

Sweet brothers