Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our last 4 months in review

Well here goes...

We participated in the Hydrocephalus WALK in Denver and walked for Elliot.  This is a photo of all the Hydro-Crew

Daddy and Elliot, a little sweaty on the walk

Team Elliot minus our photographer Adam

What Elliot does best, sittin' on the couch with his blankie, George, crackers and milk

Handsome Dude after his bath

 Then we decorated cookies

 Elliot getting a little crazy with the icing

 Elliot's version of vacuuming up the sprinkles

 Hahaha, then the eating of the cookies

Then we went to the farm

Then we picked out a pumpkin

Then we went to Pump it Up (a bouncy house extravaganza)

Elliot was loving it all

Our little pumpkin trick-or-treating at his friend Cody's house

Our little pumpkin with his pumpkins

Then Grandma Sally whipped up this Pumpkin costume, he is just so stinkin' cute

He loved trick-or-treating, but after about 10 houses he was falling asleep on Daddy

Our child is obsessed with this hat

He prefers wearing it like this...

Then we celebrated Daddy's birthday

And Grandma Sue came to visit

Now he is wearing his new "Mater" t-shirt and "Lightening McQueen" slippers

Elliot is all about stuffed animals sleeping, covering them up with a blankie and kissing them "nigh nigh"

Then we spent some time playing outside with our trucks

Then Elliot decided to ride his truck with all his stuffed animals

Then we went to cut down our Christmas tree with our friends up at Red Feather Lakes

Elliot with his girlfriend Dayle

Waiting in a safe spot while Daddy cuts the tree down

"Monkeying Around"

Daddy set up a train around the Christmas tree

 The Christmas Tree in all its glory

 Oh yea, forgot to mention the biggest reason to celebrate...Elliot's going to be a big brother come May

At this point, he thinks he is excited about the new addition...we will see come May

Sunday snuggles with Daddy

Then we played in the snow!

He loved making snow angels

"Monkeying Around" again

 Warming up after playing in the snow, with a little boppy, blankie and Caillou time

Then Uncle Chris came to visit for the night

Future Ski Bum?

We aren't sure what Elliot loved more...wearing Uncle Chris's skis OR filling the boots up with all his cars and trains

Last but not least, we celebrated Christmas in Colorado!  Merry Christmas!

It's been a busy, fast and fun last 4 months.