Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring has Sprung!



Hahahah, yes, we let our child play with big bowls of water and drink out of it like a dog.  But it sure was a lot of fun to watch! We have been outside every day for the past week and loving every minute!

We can't even look at the swing anymore unless he gets to go swinging

Just a little tractor riding in the yard

So Happy

Yes, we let our child play with a bowl full of water

He watches Filson a little too much

Bah hahaha

Like mother like son

Just some morning snuggles in Mommy and Daddy's bed

Being spoiled on a Sunday morning

Hmmm, was Elliot helping Daddy or getting in Daddy's way?

Oh that's right, in the way

New trike

One of Elliot's favorite things to do is to climb the stairs

Someone should get that kid a haircut

Oh wait, we did and it looks totally botched!

After Mommy tried to fix it, he looks so much older

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life and Times of a 1 year old

Oh it’s been too long but we have been a busy little family.  I’m sure I will leave things out in this update but it’s hard to remember what I had for lunch today let alone 6 weeks ago.  No big doctor’s appointments since his birthday, just a few helmet adjustments and scans to monitor his head’s progress.   His last scan showed the Elliot's head is making positive progress so at this point he will be scanned again in May and we will look to see if he is continuing to progress or plateau-ing in his progress, then it will be decided how much longer he needs the helmet. 

So, no big doctor’s appointments but lots of pediatrician appointments due to a yucky lingering cold that eventually turned into a double ear infection, poor little guy, but after a round of antibiotics he was on his way to feeling MUCH MUCH better…until we noticed all 4 of his one-year molars are coming in, haha, he just can’t win. 

We were able to fly to Cincinnati over our spring break this past week to visit with my family and many many friends and fan’s of Elliot.  My mom had a little or I guess I should say big Open House for people to finally come and get to meet Elliot.  It was a lot of fun showing him off and Elliot performed well…While home, we ate lots of Skyline Chili, Zips, Montgomery Inn Ribs and UDF Ice Cream and now that we are back home we are feeling like we made a lot of bad choices, haha.  Elliot had lots of fun with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie Kendall and Daddy and Mommy had lots of fun not changing a diaper for the past 6 days.  He even got to go to the Children’s Museum with his Cincy buddy Jackson!  Elliot also got to finally meet his Grantie (great aunt) Peej!  We had a great trip, too short as usual but lots of fun.  We also had a lovely flight home….NOT. We had a 4 hour delay in Indy and finally got home at 3am.  However, Elliot in true Elliot form made the best of the situation and survived his first red eye to the best of his ability.  We are just thankful to be back home and not still in Indy!  

Elliot has been a lot of fun this past month and is growing and doing new tricks everyday.  He is babbling up a storm and calling us mama and dada more often now...but he still loves the word no.  He says forms of ball, bath, more, milk, up, filson, doggie, truck, car, shoe, sock and probably lots more.  It's fun to see how much he understands now too and he how defiant he is becoming about certain things.  He is still crawling everywhere, but cruising all around our furniture and getting a little gutsier and trying so hard to stand alone.  He is so much fun. 

Our last weekend before heading back to work tomorrow was spent playing outside in the beautiful 75 degree weather and really getting excited about Summer Break!

Life is good with a ball in one hand, Curious George on TV and a truck


So excited that he can crawl to Filson's toys, Filson is thrilled too!

Sweaty head from his helmet and this is what he does to a PB&J sandwich, lovely...

Ahhh and now the food and water bowls

Elliot now wants to feed himself and this is how he eats his applesauce

Fun new tunnel

Who dresses this poor child?

Sleepy boy snuggled up to his toys

Auntie Kendall and Ehmil

Loving life

Always happy when he has his cups

Little snack at Ault Park

Visiting Mommy and Daddy's wedding reception site

Enjoying his first taste of Skyline Chili

...and the aftermath...

Short visit with GG

Bath time with Grandma

This was my old high chair, haha, archaic

Kai really isn't this ferocious, Elliot had a blast crawling after him all week

Ohio family photo

Loving Grandma and Grandpa

Happy Boy

Missing Chris, Marissa, Max and Ehmil...but the closest thing to a full family photo

Grantie Peej got to meet Elliot

Playing cars with Stan

All snuggled up with Pam

Playtime with Jackson

The kids

She loves me!

Fun at the Children's Museum

Thank you Auntie Kendall for going to the Museum with me

Not professional shots but some I took today for comparison