Monday, May 28, 2012

The helmet bites the dust...

We went down to Children's a week ago and Elliot got to meet with both Dr. O'Neill and Dr. French to check out his dome.  After everyone touched his head and oohhhed and ahhhhed, Elliot is helmet free!  Just in the nick of time for summer and the heat!  We think little man's head looks pretty darn good.  It no longer has a huge slope and the back of his head which was so knobby and bumpy and misshapen is very smooth.  His temples/sides of his forehead are still a little narrow but since little guy looks pretty good the negatives don't out weigh the positives for an additional surgery.  Later on in his life if it becomes an issue, something can always be done at that time.  Dr. O'Neill also reminded us of what a shunt malfunction could or could not look like at Elliot's age and that if we ever have any fear, to just bring him in and have him checked out.  All in all, it was a great appointment, Elliot medically is doing great minus the fact that he will have Hydrocephalus the rest of his life, but we don't have to go back for a scheduled appointment at Children's for 6 months...totally scary for Byron and I, we will be in doctor withdrawal...they always do such a nice job reassuring us all will be ok.

Developmentally he is also doing great.  He isn't walking yet, BUT he is still making progress.  He can get himself down a few stairs at a time on his on his tummy, so cute and he is getting himself to the slide and down on his tummy at the playground, again so stinkin' cute.  He is repeating everything we say, and although I love his great imitation skills, Byron and I need our mouths washed out with soap.  We also thought it was a great idea to teach Elliot to say "help" instead of screaming when he needed something...well it worked, but now he says "help" for EVERYTHING.   Now we say a lot of "no help", haha.  He is Mr. life of the party and saying "hi" and "bye" to everyone and blowing kisses.  He is quite the social butterfly.  He's also quite the temper tantrum-er and as new parents, we could really do without those...

4 more days of school and then SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMA!  I'm so looking forward to being home and getting to do more with the little guy and not save it all for our 2 day weekends together.  Lots of new photos, Happy May!

Visiting the baby cow at Lee Martinez Farm

Trying to grab the piggies

Just chilaxin'

Having a little Popsicle snack with dad

Look dad I'm making a mess

Looks so innocent

This sums up our whole child

Rockin' Mommy's hat

Lunchtime outside

Elliot discovered he LOVES watermelon

He wouldn't put it down

He even tried to eat the rind


Life is sweet going between the sandbox and pool

He had more fun playing outside the pool and dipping his toys in

Like father like son

Opps, he fell in!

Filson loved the pool more than Elliot

Snack time at the pool

Happy Memorial Day