Sunday, January 29, 2012

And the countdown begins...

 10 more days till Elliot's one! 

The last couple of weeks have been fairly uneventful.  Byron and I are slowly but surely getting the hang of our ever-so-busy second semester schedule between learning who is taking Elliot and where and whats for dinner, haha.  Elliot is still crawling all over the place and pulling himself up here and there on his toys, but not so much on higher items such as the coffee table.  We are seeing the more timid, not so much of a risk-taker side of Elliot, who is afraid to fall once standing and scared of the pool.  We tried taking him to Mulberry Pool, which is an indoor pool in town and he started crying (or for the poor people there, screaming!) once we walked out of the locker room.  He wasn't so much scared of the water, but the pool area was a little loud and too much for his little sensory system.  We will have to try it again though, since he is in LOVE with bath time. 

He is still on again, off again with his helmet.  The abscesses seemed to be all healed up, he wore the helmet for a week and then it started rubbing his little noggin' off with the helmet again.  We took it off to have it "fixed" again and this weekend, so far so good, until tonight we noticed 2 more who knows.  Lots of two steps forwards and 8 steps back!  Since we at least understand the abscesses now, they don't seem too bad and I'm sure in a couple of days he will be all healed up. 

This week Elliot also had his 12 month well visit with his new pediatrician (yes, that's right, Dr. Elliott retired, sigh...), and she seems wonderful already.  So drumroll please...Elliot's official 12 month weight is....22lbs3oz which places my baby boy in the 50th percentile!  CRAZY, our child looks huge, we were totally surprised by this, but at least he is right on target.  Now his height on the other hand is 31 inches which is in the 90th percentile, so seems like Elliot will be just like daddy, tall and skinny. 

On another note, someone special out there, who wants to remain anonymous has done something incredible for our little family, we hope you know how much this means to us and we can't thank you enough...

 Check out Mr. Personality

Shaggy do...pre first haircut

Happy helmet head

post haircut handsome

Check out my 8 teeth!

Elliot's new favorite squinty-eyed face

oh yea that's another lovely face he makes at his mama

"oh mom, you sure are hilarious"

When your arms are full, just use your mouth to grab toys

"Are you guys seriously going to leave me up here unattended?"

"Clear Solo Cup"

This photo looks like mommy when she was my age

Always getting stuck

Happy boy in the bath

Exploring under his crib

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  1. So stinking cute!! Thank goodness another tall boy, my mommy friends here tease me because Christian is 36 inches tall - that's right! We nicknamed him Jolly Green Giant, hehe. So glad E is doing so well and hope those pesky abscesses clear up quickly! Oh and Christian is just now starting to walk freely, I am going to fully blame it on his height, it's a long darn way to fall! Glad to see everyone is doing so well, especially little Elliot.