Monday, December 5, 2011

Green light means go

"Wait, I can ask for anything I want?"

Merry Christmas
I know its been awhile, but this will just be another quickie.  Our life has been busy to say the least.  Lately we have just been preparing for Elliot's upcoming surgery.  He just had his pre-surgery appointment this afternoon and he is healthy and ready for surgery.  At this point, I just need Wednesday to come and go and then maybe we can sleep again at this house.  So come Wednesday, little boy will have a new head! haha.

This month, we celebrated Byron's birthday and he got his first "Happy Birthday Daddy" card and we shared a sappy moment and then moved on and had a good day with friends and family.  We then traveled to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving.  Considering our last trip was abruptly cut short, we were looking forward to seeing everyone who we missed the first time around.  Elliot had many visitors (no one cares about Byron and I anymore, and we are OK with this, haha) and he got a ton of Grandma time and Aunt Annisse time.  He was in seventh heaven having people rock him to sleep and smother him with love...boy was going back home to Colorado a reality check for him...hahha just kidding. 

The last week has been rough, between Elliot finally kicking a cold, cutting another tooth, Byron having an ear infection and myself just so stressed out between Elliot's surgery, getting ready for my leave from work and trying to get in the Christmas spirit at our house, we need another vacation!

I promise that during our hospital venture I will obsessively update this blog because it will be the easiest way to update everyone and to pass the time. 

Elliot milestones:
-crawling (army crawling)
-another tooth
-says Mama, OK and Obama (I swear, its hysterical) and a whole lot of other babbling

The pacifier is now a toy...he is still all thumb

Elliot and his girlfriend Deborah

Daddy is teaching him early how to hold a screwdriver

We love jammy mornings

More teeth!

Getting ready to eat Thanksgiving dinner

Elliot and his Great Grandma Carns

Yep that's right, Elliot loves Pink Ponies!

Elliot and his Aunt Annisse enjoying each other

Getting love from Great Aunt Nancy and Uncle Joe

Army crawling through the kitchen

Hanging out without pants

Filson love

typical evening of Elliot and Filson rolling on the ground

So Big!


Such a Ham

All smiles

Love you mommy

Obsessed with the ornaments on the tree

Cousin Corinne giving Elliot a bottle

Floor time with Grandma

Elliot and his rubber ducky

Little Lumberjack


Checking Great Grandma out

Aunt Annisse and Corinne feeding Elliot

Grandma snuggles

Elliot and his other new girlfriend Kris

Cousin love

Great Aunt Janet and Uncle Dave

Old Friends and Babies

Love him


All smiles for Grandma

Loves those ducks


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