Sunday, March 6, 2011

There is no place like home

Quick update:   Elliot was discharged yesterday (Saturday) around 3pm.  They still aren't sure the exact reason of the oozing or the fluid filled area around the shunt but they increased the flow of the fluid and so far so good.  All cultures are coming back negative for infection, which is wonderful, but they continue to run testing on the fluid for up to 5 days...but we are really feeling like its not an infection.  They sent us home with information on how we need to monitor him and told us when we should call if we are worried.  The neurosurgeons will see us sometime this week to continue to monitor him and make sure all is working properly.  They would have let us stay in the hospital for monitoring, but Elliot is happier at home and so are mom and dad. 

We were worried that our first night back after 2 nights in the hospital would be just like our first night home after he was born...but Elliot proved us wrong.  He slept like a champ and only got up a couple of times to eat.  It was sooooo wonderful to sleep in our own bed last night.  His shunt is definitely fluid filled but it still feels like it should and Elliot is continuing to act like his normal self which is reassuring.  So far the neurosurgeons have given us the green light to go to Steamboat for the Hydro snowshoe event, but we will have to get the green light again at his appointment this week.  We really hope we can still go but Elliot will let us know. 

For now we are home, happy and being our normal little family.  Here's a few pictures of Elliot. 
Elliot chillin' in a basket

Momma time

Mommy and Daddy a little slap happy in the emergency room

Elliot is quite the reader

Stupid cords and monitors


  1. I'm so glad you're home and that Elliot is doing well. Elliot is lucky to have such wonderful parents.

  2. Another scary ride, and Elliot seems to have come through like a champ again! Still though, pretty hard on the parents. Thanks for the update. I'll have you in my thoughts this week.