Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Month Old!

This last month has been the longest, shortest, scariest and most wonderful month of our lives!  Can I fit a few more adjectives into one sentence?  Probably, but I'll spare you.  So far Elliot is doing good this week.  No word from the neurosurgeons about shunt infection, so we feel like we are in the clear.  The shunt tract is definitely still fluid filled but it ebbs and flows which is appropriate.  Unfortunately it gets really big when Elliot cries which just means Byron and I are hovering more than usual and not wanting him to cry for fear of the shunt leaking cerebral spinal fluid through his skull again.  Today Elliot and I made our first journey to the grocery store by ourselves!  I figured after one month, Elliot and I were ready to take on the world.  I plopped him in the Moby wrap and off we went to get our groceries.  After a successful grocery trip, we even got a little more gutsy and we filled up the gas tank in the Rover...whoa, what a day!  Filson even ventured closer to Elliot tonight and they took a little snooze together. Tomorrow Elliot gets to meet his Auntie Kendall who is flying in from Cincinnati, and he is thrilled.

We are off to Children's in the morning for our follow up appointment.  We are feeling good, but wish us luck!

"I'm one month old!"
The Napping House


  1. Sending LOVE and LUCK for your follow-up apptmt! So great to see his pics.....love the sleeping pic with Filson....PRICELESS! So glad everyone is doing well!

  2. Elliot looks like a healthy, happy, loved little guy! He's so lucky to have you two as parents. I'll be thinking about you guys during the checkup but - like you - feel that things are going to be ok. Loved the pic of Elliot and Filson snoozing! :)