Sunday, February 20, 2011


First big and most important announcement of our first weekend at home as a family...I HAVE MY ANKLES BACK! kidding kidding, about it being the most important, but seriously the ankles are back.  Its amazing how quickly ones body can bounce back, it also helps that the Liposuction they performed during the C-Section is finally observable.

Enough about me and on to the baby.  Elliot is a rock star.  He went to church today and he lasted the entire Mass and we were even 15 minutes early.  Byron and I stared at him after every squeak and grunt and we were slightly nervous that during the quietest part of church would be when Elliot showed his "other" side, but he totally held it together and made us some proud parents.  It was so nice for it to feel like a normal Sunday and go to church for the first time as a family.

On another note, Filson and Elliot are becoming best buds.  Filson may disagree but I see it in him that he has a hidden soft spot for his new brother.  Everyday he gets more and more friendly with Elliot.  He first started off just sniffing him and now when we bring Elliot down to him he licks his face up and down and Elliot gets wide eyed and squeaks (that is his term of endearment).  When Elliot cries in his bassinet Filson goes over to the bassinet and sniffs it all over, although he is 115 lbs dog he isn't quite tall enough to see over the edge of the bassinet so he uses his second best tool...his nose.  Eventually I think Byron and I will feel comfortable having Filson babysit Elliot while we have a date night.

Bath-time...Byron and I feel like tonight we had one of the most successful bath-times with Elliot.  The last time we gave him a bath, Elliot acted like we dipped him in sulfuric acid.  We are getting better and Elliot will continue to train us, but I'm not sure I will ever be able to give him a bath without Byron's help!

After bath-time, Byron and I attempted "tummy time" with Elliot.  We know that his head is big and really heavy for him but we are still thinking that it is a good idea to have him experience tummy time.  Our hope is that at least he tries working those neck muscles and once his head shrinks more he will be able to move his head around with more ease.  

Byron and I have been so blessed.  Some work friends of mine and Byron's have been bringing us dinner every night and its so wonderful to have one less thing to think about in these early days of having Elliot home.  We are eating like kings!  Tomorrow morning we have to take Elliot to get some blood drawn for his 2nd newborn screen and then Byron has to head back to work.  We have been more than lucky to have him home for 2 weeks, I wouldn't have been able to get through these weeks without him, but he is going to be missed so much tomorrow by Elliot and I. 

After realizing I hadn't taken very many photos, I went photo crazy...Enjoy!

Best friends, Filson and Elliot
Falling asleep during tummy time

Attempt at tummy time

Trying to keep Elliot warm while we putz around trying to get the water warm
Happy Camper??

We survived bath-time

Loving on Daddy after bath-time

Elliot is totally unsure about this vibrating chair
Walk like an Egyptian
"Conked Out"
Checking out the world
Snug as a bug in a rug
Family photo (Do we look sleepy to you?)


  1. I am trying once again to see if I can successfully post a comment- My message
    Can't wait to get out there next Sunday and to nuzzle in and kiss those cheeks- Elliot's cheeks. You two look like two very happy, sleepy parents- Elliot is such a wonderful blessing. Hey where is the pic of your ankles?? Glad they are back. Love Mom

  2. So much good news; no more cankles, Elliot's church etiquette, big furry brother is warming up to little bro, and bath time is getting better.
    You guys are doing great. Elliot is a star and as stated above, a wonderful blessing.
    (love the star in your photo)
    Jamie,you look wonderful. I'll be in touch.

  3. Looks like Filson and Elliot are going to be good friends and here's hoping you have a great President's Day

  4. Thanks for the updates! Glad to hear everyone is getting settled in at home~ He is so precious! :)

  5. Big Beautiful Eyes !!!
    He is sooo cute - exploring and taking it all in. Blogs are wonderful and it is so appreciated that you have enough time to update :)
    I don't think you look tired...just like you will look for the next 25 or so years...

  6. I AM IN LOVE :) love reading your updates Jamie ... give a big hug to Byron and a kiss to Elliot!!

  7. We love reading the updates also. Ain't technology wonderful!! Elliot is soooooo darn cute! Love his big eyes. Will Elliot do the walk in Steamboat Springs with you?
    Love to all 3 of you.
    auntie Peej

  8. Oh my GOSH, that little guy has me completely mesmerized! Just you wait, Elliot and Filson are going to be such good friends. I remember when Will was really little, our Rottie Otis was SO patient while Will divebombed and tackled him over and over. Hilarious...

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  10. I'm ready for some new pictures. Babies change so quickly. Enjoy the time with your mom.