Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time is Flying!

Today, April 17th, I am home because of our first SNOW DAY of the school year!  I'm taking this glorious extra time to update the blog that is long overdue.  We've been busy since Christmas, with lots of visitors, preparing for Baby #2 and learning how to parent a 2 year old.  Being a parent is some HARD work and in exactly 1 month we will be parents to 2 children, what were we thinking, hahah...I have a scheduled C-Section for May 17th with the same doctor who delivered Elliot in Denver and so far Baby Boy (yes, that's right another boy) looks hearty and healthy and full of brains!  We couldn't be happier and we are hoping for a stress free delivery and a healthy baby.  Here's what we've been up to at the Straw house. 

Blowing kisses

More kisses for Daddy, Elliot continues to be a love bug

Practicing carrying his baby doll on his truck in preparation for the real thing...

Loves being a fireman at the Children's Museum in Denver

Making play-doh

He is becoming very independent with what we he would like to wear and we aren't fighting that battle

Super hero time after bath

He loves to read

Elliot turned 2 on February 8th!

Waiting for his cupcake

Very intense before blowing out his candles

Shooting hoops with Daddy

He is still all about his blankies

Elliot in his "rocket ship"

Watching the snow fall

Breakfast time

Playing in his snow fort

Pretending to be a baby

He loves playing in the snow

Planting seeds with Daddy

Elliot's first roller skating party

Happy Easter!

Hunting for Eggs

Realizing there is candy in all the eggs

Trying out his new swimming gear

Practicing swimming on the floor

Elliot and Mommy at 34 weeks!

Elliot thinking, "whoa Mommy you are huge"

Trying out his new wagon in the snow

Playing in the snow in April

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  1. Awww love all the pics!! YAY for another boy, so happy for you all!