Sunday, October 23, 2011

Third Times a Charm

Over the past month, I have tried a couple of different times to update the blog and I just couldn't.  We have been a little perplexed with everything and the decisions we needed to make that I just wasn't sure how to update people.  So, here, here, to my third try...

I am going to leave out a whole slew of details, but after much deliberation over the past month, phone calls and e-mails with the surgeons and a trial run of a molding helmet...Elliot will be wearing a molding helmet till December then his surgery is scheduled for early December and he will most likely have to continue wearing the helmet post-op as well.

At this point, little boy isn't quite used to the helmet, but we are working on getting it adjusted so that it is the best fit for him.  Once it is fit properly, he will have to wear it 23 hours a day...we have been told babies get used to this pretty quick, and as much as it bothers the parents, it doesn't bother the kiddos as much.

Elliot's Hydrocephalus has kinda consumed us over the past month, but we have also had some fun.  About a month ago, we went camping up near Long Draw Reservoir up Poudre Canyon.  Its a campsite very close to Byron's research area, however we didn't venture that far.  We went with our friends Chris and Ann and their kiddos and it was a lot of fun to be outdoors for a couple of nights.  During this trip, Elliot started babbling a lot more.  He loves leaves, especially when the wind blows them and he talks to them, its hysterical.  He also has a new found obsession with Filson.  Every time Filson walks in the room, Elliot coos and goos something to him and reaches for Filson to pet him. 

Little boy is changing so much every day, he is starting to seem all grown up some days.  He is eating more and more solids and its fun to experiment and see what he likes.  But more solids also leads to stinky stinky poop!  We miss those newborn poops!  He is also recently just pulled himself from sitting on a little bench to standing up holding onto the couch.  He stands with his buns in the air, but its fun to see him becoming more and more mobile...we know we know, once he starts moving he will never stop, but its fun to see him meet these milestones.  Also, after much work, Elliot finally has his top left tooth and the top right is on its way...we can't wait for him to be back to his normal self.

Just this weekend we headed up to Rocky Mountain National Park, to enjoy our beautiful weekend weather and take a nice hike and enjoy Fall.  We were able to borrow Elliot's babysitters backpack and Elliot loved just being along for the ride and playing with daddy's hair.  On Saturday we even made it to a pumpkin patch to get Elliot his first pumpkin.  We are looking forward to this coming weekend where we are meeting up with some other Hydrocephalus families and getting the kiddos all dressed up in their Halloween get up.

Its been an eventful month, full of highs and lows, but we are hanging in there and just enjoying all of Elliot's new tricks!  Get ready for a photo explosion...

Elliot can finally sit and entertain himself for at least a few minutes

He might just be the cutest sleeper

Wasn't me!

Elliot with his girlfriend Dayle

Hanging by the campfire

Watching Daddy fish

All geared up


We camp in style, exersaucer and all

So happy to be outside


That's right even the apple goes camping

eating some watermelon

Playing ball with Auntie Blair

I know its not Elliot, but others had to witness Byron being 40 feet up on our roof fixing our gutters with plumbing snake, and it worked!

Rips the bib off every time

Elliot has discovered the trash cans

The helmet

We felt bad for making him wear the helmet, so we gave him a teething biscuit A.K.A. baby crack

He gets a little sweaty from the helmet

Byron decorated the plain he's officially a Steeler's fan

What's up ladies?

The Neversummers in the background


Ready for the hike

Taking a little rest on daddy...

Man and Son

Made it to Alberta Falls

Posing with Mama

He was so happy

Hanging on Daddy

A little sleepy at the pumpkin patch

Thinking whether or not he should put that in his mouth...P.S. He did


  1. love the pix, cousin!! I especially love the one of Elliot and Filson. :)
    Not gonna lie, I think the Steelers helmet is adorable.

  2. Love all the pics!!! They grow so fast, our little guy just turned 10 months today...sniff!! I love Byron decorated his helmet, my friend's son has worn one for five months now and she made a bunch of different cutouts from removable vinyl, so she changes his "style" up. I know it has been a struggle and hard choices ya'll have made, but looking at that happy little man with his beautiful smile makes up for it. ;-p

  3. Jammers! The family looks great. I don't know how I feel about this steelers biz but I'm not much of football connoisseur. Eliot looks so happy, that little smile makes me tear up bit. I'm especially happy that you all are taking some necessary relief trips, your well being is his well being. Stay strong, I know you will, and I have hope that everything will turn out excellently. Love you all bunches!