Monday, September 5, 2011

We Walk for Elliot!

Yesterday was the 8th Annual Denver HydroWALK and we had a blast.  My mom and sister Kendall flew in for the event, Blair came down and our friends Chris and Ann and their two kiddos Henry and Dayle.  We had a great representation there for Elliot.  It was fun to be at an event with so many other individuals who have been through very similar experiences as well as to reconnect with some families from the first walk we attended in March.  As of yesterday, the total raised for research was $50,000 and counting!  That is incredible!  A big thank you to all our friends and family who also donated, it means so much to us and hopefully one day a CURE for Elliot!

Not much else is new in our lives, Byron and I are still adjusting to being back at work full time and missing Elliot all day...but maybe someday that will get easier!  Of course he loves his new babysitter (and we do too!) and that gives us peace of mind while we are away.  We have been enjoying having my mom and sister in town and the extra hands to help out with the little guy.  Only when a grandma is in town can Byron and I sleep for 12 hours, hahahah.  We felt so rested this morning!  Elliot is now sitting up on his own and playing with his toys more and more.  He is just tackling all obstacles thrown his way and is one strong dude!  He will be 7 months old in a few days and we just can't believe we have had him for 7 months now!  Where has the time gone? We will be headed back to Children's in a couple of weeks for a CT Scan and more information about his upcoming surgery and we will update more when we know more. Enjoy the photos.

Elliot scootin' around in his PJ's

Fun with Auntie Kendall

A little Dayle and Elliot loving
Sportin' his Hydro bandana
Kendall and Blair getting ready to walk
Elliot kicking back
Group Hydro Photo
Another group shot
There's the man!
Elliot and Grandma
Dayle getting ready to Walk
Henry sporting his new t-shirt
Updike's and Elliot
We walk for Elliot
They make posters for all the individuals with Hydrocephalus
Another shot by his poster
Munching on food after the walk
Yea Elliot!
Elliot riding a motorcycle on Chris
Chewing on his new Hydrocephalus bracelet
Beets...a good idea or not?

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  1. so cool! I can't believe it's been 7 months either, it seriously feels like yesterday.
    unrelated, but I really dig Kendall's shaggy 'do!