Friday, June 24, 2011

Lovin' Summer

We don't have too much to report.  We drove to Park City, UT over the weekend to visit our friends and to celebrate more babies to come.  Elliot was a champ on the drive to and from, didn't sleep too much, but was still a happy boy.  We have just been laying low at home and enjoying lots of walks around the neighborhood.  All is quiet (well as quiet as quiet can be) in the Straw home!

Future Accountant

Hat impaired

Found his thumb in the swing

Visiting Lauren in Park City, UT

Filson leaning on Elliot during our drive to Park City, UT

Drooly Boy

Its gettin' hot in here!

Mr. Big Eyes


Elliot and his apple and squirrel

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  1. Been having trouble posting lately, but hoping this will go through. I keep track of your posts, and am happy to see that all continues to go so well! Thanks for stopping by when you visited Cincinnati! My favorite pic was the accountant. :) Melissa and family