Friday, May 20, 2011


Let's see what has happened in the last few weeks...

We celebrated my first Mother's Day, which was fantastic and filled with lots and lots of baby love.  Elliot ended up stealing my credit card and buying his Dad and I tickets to see Les Miserables, now hopefully he will pick up the phone and find himself a babysitter.  Elliot also started all his different therapies a couple of weeks ago, we think the PT, OT and DI are wonderful and full of good suggestions and advice.  Its nice to have different therapists perspectives, I'd rather just be Mom and not Elliot's therapist.

Elliot has totally discovered his neck muscles and his head, we thought he was in constant motion before, now he really is in CONSTANT motion.  The kid loves attempting to hold his head up.  He continues to look like a bobble head but he is trying so hard.  He focuses so much, that he drools.  Yes that's right Filson has taught Elliot how to drool with the best of them.  So now I have drool on my pants from Filson and on my shoulder from Elliot.  The PT has us trying all sorts of new things with Elliot.  We finally get to see him in his Bumbo seat, which is just hilarious and so cute.  His chunker thighs are so big that we have to squeeze him into it.  Yep that's right our 3 month old baby weighs a whooping 15lbs...hearty and healthy.

Drumroll please...after multiple weeks of thumb sucking, Elliot is finally able to find his thumb in the upright position.  This is very helpful in car rides and so far is only working in our favor.  He is favoring his left thumb and using his right hand to rub his shunt, odd but cute.  He is just starting to open his fist and grab at his toys and blankets now too.

I could continue to brag and ohh and ahh over all the happenings in this household but I'll spare you and let you enjoy our newest photos.

I'm 3 months old

Kissing my Elephant toy

Such a dude

Naked Baby

Kickin' it in his swing

Flying baby

Just chillin'

Baby Gap Model??

Loving on my Mama

Just like my daddy

Bumbo seat


When you lift your head, its a whole new world out there

My heads weighing me down


Elliot exercising

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  1. How is it possible that Elliot continues to get cuter???